New England Junior & High School Regional Championship Regatta

Team Trophy   Note the medal design in the base

Team Trophy

Note the medal design in the base

It all started when...

Coach Stavros and his team, along with the Shrewsbury HS coaches, started the regatta in 2010. 

He had a multitude of reasons. First, he wanted a home race for his team and the other HS programs on the lake: none existed at the time. Coach Stavros also thought he could run a better regatta than what he had been going to as a coach. Specifically, he noted that at other fall regattas, his crews raced all throughout the day, leading to a long day for everyone.

With these in mind, Coach Stavros and his regatta committee started the regatta. It was  (and still is) a strictly New England, and high school aged regatta, which finishes in the early afternoon. 

A highlight for the athletes has always been the medals custom designed by Coach Stavros, based off a picture he made while a coach in Arlington. The regatta also is rare, if not unique for a fall regatta in that it gives out medals for all lower boats (up to 4th varsity fours and 3rd varsity eights). An innovation Coach Stavros created was also to classify results and award medals to both junior club programs and high school scholastic programs. These two innovations mean that the regatta awards medals across 40 individual events.

2010 started with ten visiting programs and then exploded to over 50. The regatta is now limited my trailer space at the lake and is aiming for 60 teams launching from two regatta sites in 2018.